The Market Board is an excellent tool in Final Fantasy XIV, which allows players to search for and buy items they need for their journey through Eorzea. Check the guide below to become a fluent user of the Market Board interface.

There are multiple applications of the Market board in Final Fantasy XIV. Users can find Market Boards in each of the game’s major cities (Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Ul’ Dah, etc.)

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Opening the Market Board is as simple as walking up to it and selecting it. Search the board shown below in the residential district any town:

Image via Final Fantasy XIV UI Guide
  • Browsing
    • Players can use the board to look for in-game items put up by other players for purchase. The board has a seach function that allows players look for items by names, or search for items by type.
  • Searching
    • There are various filters available for those looking to buy from the Market Board. These items can be broken down by by level, class, job, and gear slot. Players can even check the Partial Match bar to include items that don’t match every search criteria. The image below was created by the developers to break down the board’s functions.
Image via Final Fantasy XIV UI Guide
  • Checking Prices
    • Once a search is inputted, players will be able to see which items are available for sale. Items with listings will have more than zero results, as shown below. Select the item you’re interested in and the price of the item will be shown.
Image via Final Fantasy XIV UI Guide
  • Wish List
    • If item’s are too expensive when searched, they can be saved for later. Right-click an item and select Add to Wish List from the subcommands list if you’d like to grab them later.
    • Players can view thier wishlist whenever they like by selecting the heart icon at the bottom left section of the Market Board (shown below.)
    • Removing items from the wishlist is as simple as right-clicking the item in the Wish list tab and slecting the Remove from Wish List option.
Image via Final Fantasy XIV UI Guide

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