On August 16, 2021, Uplift Games announced a surprise update for Adopt Me. This new update gives players a journal in the game that helps with organization, information, and record-keeping. While many are excited about the new feature, they may wonder how to use it. Read below to find out!

What is the Journal?

The Journal is a new feature in Adopt Me that works to compile many of the features of the game into one area. With the Journal, players can see their pets, vehicles, toys, and more. Players can view their progress, inventory, and even pet ages. Uplift Games has announced that obtaining history prior to the Journal update will not be recorded, but any going forward will be in the journal.

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How to Use the Journal

In order to find the Journal, players need to launch the game. Once in the game, look for the icons on the side of the screen. To access the Journal, click the icon between Friends and Dress Up, the one that says JOURNAL. Then, click on whichever area of the journal you’d like to view.

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