The fourth installment in the Broken Bones series, Broken Bones IV, invites player to participate in a gruesomely entertaining activity that should definitely be kept virtual—taking the leap of faith off of a rocky cliff and seeing how much anatomical chaos can ensue. To help stir up even more mayhem, this experience also offers power ups that can be used to run faster, jump farther, and, in some cases, even float higher. In this brief guide we’ll be going over how to achieve this feat of height by utilizing the helium balloon.

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Helium balloon on PC

To use the helium ballon on PC you’ll first need to purchase it from the experience’s in-game shop. This can be done by accessing the main menu, selecting the purple Shop icon, locating the Utilities tab, and then purchasing the helium balloon from the list. These balloons can also be upgraded a maximum of five times, with each upgrade giving you a longer use time, faster raise speed, and higher height.

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Now that you’ve purchased your ballon, return to the main menu and enter the game by clicking the red Play button. You should now notice a green bar at the bottom of your screen with the words Helium Balloon above it—this is your balloon’s air meter. To use your balloon, hold the Shift key.

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Each time that you use your helium balloon its air bar will decrease accordingly—when the bar falls to empty, you have fully run out of air and your balloon cannot be used again until it has been refilled. Your balloon’s air bar is refilled after each round.

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Helium balloon on Xbox

To use the helium balloon on Xbox, assuming that you’ve already purchased it from the shop, press the Play button from the main menu to enter the game. Once loaded in, the helium balloon can be used by pressing and holding LB, the small trigger on the left side of the Xbox controller. This balloon works the same way as the one on PC.

Helium balloon on mobile

At the time of this article’s publication, there is unfortunately no way to use the helium balloon in Broken Bones IV on mobile devices. Whether this was a conscious choice made by the developers is unknown, though the likely reason is because the screen is typically much smaller on mobile, and the devices themselves are less powerful than a PC or Xbox, meaning that they can’t handle the same amount of extra features. Hence the exclusion of the helium balloon.

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