Hidden Deep is a sci-fi 2D action platformer game about exploring dangerous caves and dungeons. To aid in the process of exploration, the game provides players with a grappling hook. The essential utility item allows the player to reach an elevated position inside a cave as well as deep points by establishing a connection. To use a grappling hook in Hidden Deep, press “C” on a keyboard or D-Pad Down button on a gamepad/controller and shoot the grapple on any surface with the help of the red guiding laser, using the left mouse click or the RT button.

Climbing using a grappling hook

There is no point in simply having a grappling hook if the player cannot move or climb with it. As mentioned earlier, the player can always climb down or climb up using a grappling hook. To do this, follow the instruction given below.

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  • Climbing up – To climb up, aim towards any elevated point of a surface using the grappling hook. Once the hook has connected, use the “W” button on the keyboard or the Up Movement Pad on gamepad to start climbing.
  • Climbing down – Aim at any deep point of the cave or an opening and shoot the grapple. After establishing contact, press the “S” button on the keyboard or the Down Movement Pad on a controller to climb down.

Remember, always use the red laser light guide from the grappling hook to get a better trajectory.

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