Naraka: Bladepoint is a fast-paced battle royale that emphasizes movement and melee combat. This means you need to be able to get close enough to hit them with your weapons. While there are ranged weapons, you will spend most of your time with a blade.

One of the best ways to traverse the map is through the grappling hook. While the grappling hook may seem like it is intended to be used to reach higher vantage points, it can also be used as a weapon or as a part of your combos. You can also use it to escape combat.

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With the grappling hook equipped by pressing the Q key on mouse and keyboard or the LT button on controller, simply aim at another player, and the reticle will auto lock onto them and turn red. Press your attack button and you will fire the grappling hook at the player and zip towards them.

While airborne, you press left mouse click or RB to do a horizontal attack. Each weapon will do a different attack but this tends to be a light flurry of blows. Pressing right mouse click or RT will perform a focus attack. Hitting your opponent with either of these can launch them and stun them. This allows you to follow up with a combo. You can also input an attack early to break your grappling hook in case the enemy is ready to counter you.

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