Pokemon Legends: Arecus is a huge game and one that offers many new features for players to try out. One of the stand-out additions to the game is a crafting system you can use to make Poke Balls and medicine. There is even a crafting kit that you can use while in the field.

You will receive the crafting kit shortly after embarking on your first mission in the game. The Crafting Kit can be accessed by going into the key items section of your bag and selecting the item. From here, a convenient crafting menu will open up, allowing you to make items like medicine and Poke Balls on the go.

You can make pretty much any item you have the recipe for, so this will keep you exploring for longer.

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To gain easier access to the kit, you set it as one of your favorite items and keep it at the top of your key items bag. Keep in mind that this can’t be used inside of battle, so always make sure you’re topped off on Pokeballs.

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