Cooking is one of the main healing mechanics in Greak: Memories of Azur. By using the cooking pot over the fire, you can turn raw ingredients into something that will health you more but also regenerate your life quicker.

To use the cooking pot, interact with it by pressing B on controller or E on keyboard. Three slots will appear over the pot, and your inventory will also open. You can select ingredients from your inventory, and with every item you select, one of the three slots will be filled up over the pot. But you need to use three ingredients. If you do not, then nothing will happen. All three slots need to be filled.

Suppose one character does not have all three ingredients. Worry not. If you have acquired other characters you can switch between, and each person can contribute one ingredient to the pot—as long as there are three items in the cooking pot, that is all that matters.

Once three have been selected, an item will appear over the pot after a brief amount of time. Pick this, and you now have food! Cooked food is always better than raw ingredients, not just because of how much it regens your life, but the time it takes to do so. When in dire straights, health over five seconds is better than over 10.

Try experimenting with different ingredients, and you may create something wonderful that regenerates all of your life points instead of just one or two. But remember, even basic food items that regen only two live points are better than a raw ingredient that regens one over longer.

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