Apex Legends is full of different types of players, from the hardcore pros to the casuals. One of the types within this spectrum is the completionists: the players that love to complete challenges and events. Whether or not you go that hard, though, it is easier to complete the challenges if you know how to keep track of what you need to do, and what you’ve already done.

This is where the Challenge Tracker comes in. It may be a little overwhelming for some players, so we’ve broken it down for you. Here is how to use the Challenge Tracker page and widgets in Apex Legends.

Navigating the Challenge Tracker

The Challenge Tracker can be located in three major places:

  • The Challenges tab on the Season Hub (Menu)
  • The Challenges Widget on the top right of the Lobby screen (Menu)
  • The Challenges Widget on the top left of the Map screen (In-game)

The Challenges tab is the most in-depth in terms of what is displayed. You can find your daily challenges, your event challenges, all weekly challenges for the current season, how much XP until your next Battle Pass Star, and how many Battle Pass Stars until your next Battle Pass level. The smaller widgets will have multiple tabs showing your standard daily and event daily challenges, the five weekly challenges you are the closest to complete, and any challenges you have tracked.

You can toggle through tabs of Challenge Tracker in the lobby by hitting the arrows on it and toggle through the tabs of the in-game variant with the key/button indicated next to the tracker.

Completing Challenges

One each Challenge, you will always see two numbers: The number required to complete the current challenge goal and the amount you have currently done. The number can represent damage, matches, top 3 finishes, times a certain ability is used on enemies.

If there is only one tier to the challenge you reached a goal for, the challenge will be complete and grayed out. If the challenge has multiple tiers, represented by diamonds on the tracking bar on the Challenges tab, the challenge will update to show the next tier and overall progress. Completing challenges for events and the Battle Pass is one of the two main ways that players can unlock cosmetics without using any premium currency, the other being collecting Apex Packs from leveling up.

Challenge Time Frames

Daily Challenges and base Event Challenges are shorter and last for 24 hours. Prize Tracker Event Challenges for two-week events last for the full two weeks. Prize Tracker Event Challenges for three-week events last one week each. Weekly Challenges unlock in weekly waves but last for the entire current season.

XP to Battle Pass Star and Battle Pass Star to Battle Pass Level only reset on day 1 of a new season. Badge Challenges are not featured on the tracker but can have varying times based on the event they are a part of.

Battle Pass Stars and Levels

5000 in-game XP earns the player one Battle Pass Star. You can also earn Battle Pass Stars by completing Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges. (Event Challenges award you event points/tickets for that event’s Prize Tracker) Daily Challenges award Battle Pass Stars in increments of 1, 2, and 3 stars. Weekly Challenges award Battle Pass Stars increments of 2, 5, and 10 stars. Receiving 10 Battle Pass Stars will automatically reward the player one Battle Pass Level.

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Tracking Challenges

You can only select challenges to track from the Challenges tab. Hover over the challenge you want to track, and hit the indicated button/key. Tracking a challenge will put a small cyan marker on it on the tracker page and add a Tracked Challenges tab to the Lobby and In-game Challenge Tracker widgets. You can track up to 5 challenges at one time. They will appear before Daily Challenges but after Event Challenges. Once you complete a Tracked Challenge, it will be removed from the Tracked Challenges

Eligible Modes for Certain Challenges

Challenges have four mode-based categories: Battle Royale, Arenas, Limited-Time Mode (LTM), and all. Challenges that must be completed in Battle Royale Trios, Duos, or Ranked Leagues are marked with a teal “BR” rectangle. Challenges that must be completed in Arenas or Ranked Arenas are marked with a purple “A” rectangle. Challenges that can be completed in all modes, including LTMs, have no indication icon.

Challenges that must be completed in an LTM have not appeared since the new tracker system was added for the Raiders Collection Event, therefore, we do not know if there will be a symbol for this or inclusion of this going forward.

Rerolling Challenges

Unlike the other challenge types, you can replace the Daily Challenges you don’t like. This is done by rerolling the challenge. One reroll a day can be done for free, after that, they cost 200 Legend Tokens each.

When rerolling, players may choose if they want the challenge to be eligible for Battle Royale or Arenas. Choosing Battle Royale will give the player a new random challenge that is either eligible for Battle Royale only or for all modes. Choosing Arenas will give the player a new random challenge that is either eligible for Arenas or all modes.

Challenges not on the Challenge Tracker

The one major challenge type that does not appear on the tracker and cannot be viewed in-game currently is the Badge Challenges from events. These challenges are also not trackable. You can check progress by going to the Prize Tracker for the event and hovering over the corresponding Badge icon to see how close you are.

Badge Challenges for two-week events last for the full two weeks. Badge Challenges for three-week events last one week and must be finished within that week to unlock the badge.

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