To use snap mode in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, players will need to press the LB and X buttons simultaneously. Doing so will open the game’s version of photo mode, and players can take custom screenshots with various options.

Players can also use these various options to take screenshots by pressing F12. They can select and play around with these options by using the analog and arrow keys on the controller as well. That said, here’s the full list of options you can use and play around with Fatal Frame’s snap mode.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
OptionWhat it does
LensThe lens option in snap mode changes and adds effects to the player’s screens, such as a film camera or distorted lens effects.
FrameThe frame option will change and add an outline to the player’s screen that can be picture frames or even blood splatters.
Depth of FieldDepth of field is straightforward and can be turned on and off to add a depth of field effect to the player’s screen.
Focal LengthFocal Length changes the total focus a screenshot has within the snap mode. Lowering will lower the focus, and raising it will make the image appear sharper.
ApertureAperture is a curious setting as it seems to do the same exact thing Focal length does and changes how blurry, or sharp an image is

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