Use class in Jupiter Hell has one or more skills depending on your character’s build, but each class has one ability by default. Each ability uses up resources, and how to refill each resource differs on the class you have chosen. The resource gauge is located below the health in the bottom left-hand corner.

To use the default ability is Right Trigger and Left on the D-Pad on controller and the 5 on keyboard. Remember you need to refill your character’s resource before using the skill again, or it will not happen.


The Marine class resource is called Fury—this is regenerated by killing enemies—and is needed to use the ability Adrenaline, which heals you.

  • Marine
    • Fury
      • For every 30 points of Fury, you may channel your adrenaline to heal a bit. This will also convert one quarter of your main modifier to health and protect yourself from pain for five seconds.

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The Scout class resource is called Energy—this regenerates by opening chests—and is needed to turn invisible.

  • Scout
    • Energy
      • For 25 Energy, you can activate stealth and go invisible for a few turns (or until you attack). When stealthed, you gain a +100 percent critical chance.


The Technician resource is called Power—this regenerates by picking up power orbs—and is needed to activate a Smokescreen.

  • Technician
    • Power
      • For spending Power, Technicians can activate a smokescreen that will block sight around you.
      • The expenditure of this resource differs depending on your chosen difficulty.

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