Roland Glenbrook is an indispensable unit on the battlefields of Triangle Strategy. He has an unparalleled range from the back of his white steed, and his abilities as a Spear Knight allow him to attack multiple foes at once—vital early in the game. You’ll need to employ strategies where his positioning will allow him to do so.

Strategies for Roland Glenbrook

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Roland’s default ability, Double Thrust, is a more powerful version of his regular physical attack but costs 2 TP (Turn Points). At level four, the ability Rush will allow Roland to charge through four consecutive squares, dealing damage to any three enemy units in his way.

This move will be among Roland’s best early in the game. Even if the cost is a hefty three TP, the ability to attack multiple targets will be a boon to you. And Opportune Attack, learned at level seven, will allow Roland to attack adjacent enemies when he moves five squares or more—perfect for horseback.

Plot Roland’s positioning carefully, since at level ten you can damage and knock enemy units back three squares with the ability Pushback. When you reach level 15, the ability Flash of Steel will deal significant damage to any five foes in a straight line.

It may be tempting to charge Roland into the thick of battle from the get-go, even if his moving range lets you. But if he’s not strong enough, he’ll fall. Triangle Strategy rewards players who take their time to orchestrate coordinated attacks with allies, so going it alone is never wise.

Class Promotions and Upgrades

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Roland Glenbrook’s class default is Spear Knight, but he can be promoted to Cavalryman with one Medal of Bravery at level ten. At level 20, he may be promoted to Master Cavalryman with a Medal of Valor. And with enough Iron and Coin for the encampment Smithy, you’ll be able to raise Roland’s Weapon Rank along with any of your chosen stats.

You’ll find promotion for Roland will be vital whatever your preferred playstyle—but if you like a challenge, then you may choose to neglect him altogether. Use Roland’s strengths strategically, and the rewards will be great.

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