There’s nothing quite like the pit of dread you feel in your stomach when you go up against an insect four times your size only to realize that your armor and weapons are broken. It’s a common enough feeling for everyone – at least, it is if you’re playing Grounded. The good news is that there’s a useful tool that will keep you protected and your weapons running smoothly. Here’s how you can use repair glue in Grounded to keep yourself safe.

What is Repair Glue in Grounded

Repair glue is a versatile and easy-to-craft material resource that lets you repair any equipment that is damaged or broken, provided the broken equipment has been upgraded past level five. The glue replaces the original cost of repair for the equipment so that upgraded equipment costs just one repair glue to fix.

How to make Repair Glue

There are eight ways to make repair glue in Grounded, provided that you have the glue masher. Once you have the glue masher, you can make repair glue out of:

  • 3 Antilion parts
  • 2 Black Ox parts
  • 5 Bombardier parts
  • 5 Ladybug parts
  • 2 Roly Poly parts
  • 8 Spider chunks
  • 5 Stinkbug parts
  • 4 Termite parts

How to use Repair Glue

To use repair glue, open the broken item’s menu or right click on the item. From there, you should be able to click on the repair option in the dropdown. If your item is upgraded enough, the option to use repair glue should appear.

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