Units in Triangle Strategy are built differently. Each of them have unique skills, terrain advantages, and a variety of uses, depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are great for farming coin or items but shouldn’t be taken to main stage battles.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use Quahaug, the time mage who resides in the Wolffort demesne.


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Quahaug is a tricky but useful character to have. He can warp an ally or foe to a nearby tile (similar to the Lightwave Quietus) and increase an ally’s speed temporarily. In a map with a lot of heights, such as the Fawkes demesne, the Abandoned Village, and the Wolffort Gate, he’s a very nice character to use.

He can speed up money grinding in the Field of Greed Mental Mock Battle.

Aside from teleporting allies, you can also use him as a “healer” or “attacker” with Turn Back Time. This turns back time for an ally or foe. If either of them take damage, is healed, or is hit by a status effect, Turn Back Time can cancel it and revert their status and HP to what it was in the previous turn.

Quahaug’s biggest weakness is his physical defense. Never put him in your frontlines or within arrow distance. He will be defeated (or, at least, have his HP reduced to critical-level) with one normal attack.

Promotions and upgrades

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Invest in three things for Quahaug: movement, speed, and HP. You want him to move as far as possible, as fast as possible, and to survive for just as long. Give him similar accessories.

Once you’ve unlocked Weapon Rank two, you can decrease the TP cost of Time Compression to zero. He doesn’t need the Weapon Rank three upgrade immediately, so only invest in it if you have coin to spare (it has extra upgrades for movement and speed).

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