Apart from the Chrome Splash, Port-A-Bunker is one of the other new gameplay utility items introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. It is a utility item that mainly focuses on tackling offensive enemies by building a 1*1 steel-based structure to act as a barrier. To use a Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite, you will need to find the item in the first place and use it along with your building during any battle scenarios.

How to get a Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite

You can find several Port-A-Bunkers from Chest Boxes, Cooler Boxes, and ground loot. Unlike a Chrome Splash, which is difficult to acquire due to its rarity, you can easily get a Port-A-Bunker as it’s more common and spawns in larger numbers, mainly in named landmark POIs.

How to use a Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite

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After acquiring a Port-A-Bunker, you can use it on any surface by deploying it using the slot button on which the item is present. Use it similarly to the Launchpad/Camp utility items from the previous seasons by using the pre-render of the object’s location.

When to use a Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite

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The Port-A-Bunker is a sturdy defense platform tile/item in Fortnite. It has a ramp on its surface with a door on one of its surface sides. The best way to use it is along with your other common building tiles against offensive enemies who tend to rush a lot. Also, don’t try to stay in the same spot inside the Bunker. Instead, keep the Bunker as cover and try to move around while you refill your shields or health.

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