If you are currently wondering how to use Dying Light 2’s Photomode, it’s not complicated. In short, all you have to do to use Photomode is open the Pause menu. At the Pause Menu, you can enable Photomode by clicking on the option listed under Online Menu. Once Photomode is enabled, you can take various screenshots with an array of filters and customization options. If you want to hide the player model in screenshots, It can be done using the Visibility option. Other options include various filter options, and Camera settings such as image zoom, focus distance, and camera roll. That said, the following are all of the options players can use in Dying Light 2’s Photomode:

All Dying Light 2 Photomode Options, Filters, and Settings

  • Camera options: Dying Light’s Camera options include settings that affect the following:
    • Aperture
    • Focus Distance
    • Zoom 
    • Roll
  • Color options: Dying Light 2’s Photomode allows users to add and change the color settings of their screenshots. The filters and color options players can change include the following:
    • Filter Intensity
    • Temperature
    • Exposure
    • Saturation
    • Contrast
    • Vignette
  • Filters: Players have the following choices for Filters:
    • Black and White Hard/Soft
    • Cool
    • Harran
    • Dramatic
    • Vivid
    • Warm
  • Player Visibility: This option makes it so player models appear or don’t appear in screenshots.
  • Additional FX: The Additional FX options add borders to the top and bottom of screenshots.
    • Border: The Border option includes the following options:
      • Collodion
      • Movie Reel
      • Old Instant Film
      • Projector Slide
    • Letterboxing: Adds a simple black box to the top and bottom of screenshots.

When was Photomode added to Dying Light 2?

Photomode was added with Update 1.4.0 of Dying Light 2 along with new features such as chapters and weekly and daily bounties. Chapter missions added a new NPC called Harper who would offer both weekly and daily bounties that players can complete. Competing bounties earned players special currencies that can be used to unlock special missions and gear.

Where are Dying Light 2 screenshots saved?

Depending on your system, Dying Light 2 screenshots will use your system’s default folder or location for screenshots. For example, if you are on Steam and PC, you can locate your Dying Light 2 screenshots by opening the game’s screenshot folder through Steam.

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