In Guardians of the Galaxy, there are two ways to access photo mode. The game makes the first way easy, while the second way isn’t explained to the player.

Using the pause menu, you can go directly into Photo mode, as shown below.

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The second method is to press in on the joysticks. This will be R3 and L3 on a PlayStation. As a result, players can move around the environment and even see things they are not supposed to see.

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Roll is how the camera turns in a picture, and players can adjust it. I suggest you don’t use this frequently. The field of view determines what is blurry and what isn’t. This focuses on specific things in the picture and is often used in film, photography, and animation.

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They can focus on a specific guardian, which is useful if trying to get good shots. To access this, players need to pick “Orbit” on Camera Type.

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Players can customize the scene using the other menus. Changing facial expressions, poses, and frames (my favorite is the comic cover) are all part of this process. As soon as you’re done, press Square on PS4 or X on Xbox to hide the UI, and you can take a screenshot as usual.

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