Dying Light 2 has a range of Parkour and Combat Skills that players can unlock with skill points during the course of the entire expedition. Unlocking some of these Parkour Skills are much more important than others, as they allow Aiden to perform clip-worthy acrobatics.

To use Parkour skills in Dying Light 2, players will have to unlock each ability with skill points. Combat XP levels up Aiden’s combat skills to fight better, while Parkour XP allows him to go higher, farther, and faster. Farming Parkour XP is relatively simple in Dying Light 2 as players can earn XP by performing a simple pole swing countless times.

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It is ideal to farm Combat and Parkour XP during Night Time when the bonus is available. Once you have acquired enough Skill Points, start unlocking the following specific moves to help Aiden master the Parkour movement:

  • Far Jump – Use any obstacle to spring from it and jump farther
  • Firm Grip – Allows Aiden to grab on to the last ledge and climb up, even if stamina is low
  • Sleek Runner – Increased movement speed while navigating tricky areas and obstacles
  • Slide – Allows Aiden to slide under and around obstacles
  • Dart – Allows Aiden to bridge wider gaps by momentarily increasing speed
  • Wall Run – Run up verticle surfaces

Players will also get a bonus for selecting gear, weapons, and accessories with Parkour XP. For instance, the gear armor Antiseptic Wrapping gives players +4.2 percent Parkour XP. Ideally, players can select and purchase gear from vendors, which have high Parkour XP. Make sure to acquire gear that gives similar boosts to get the maximum out of every run. 

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