In the Winter Express Limited-Time Mode (LTM), you can choose your loadout at the start of the match and change it between rounds, but you can also change the optics on the weapons available. When you change the optics on certain weapons, you’ll notice that some options are locked. There isn’t a way to unlock them in the loadout, but there is a way to circumvent the lock. Here is how it works.

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Getting a Locked Optic on your weapon

  • Decide which optic you want on your preferred weapon
  • Check the other weapon in the loadout to see if it takes that optic*
  • If it does, choose it and begin the round
  • Once you can take out your weapons in a round, open the inventory screen
  • Switch the optics so that the preferred optic is on the preferred weapon

Now you will have a loadout locked optic on your weapon, and it will work as normal. The one downside to this method is that the optics will reset every time you die. This means that if you die in a round, you will need to switch it again. It can be a little monotonous, but the payoff in gameplay is well worth it.

*Note: If the optic you want is not available on the secondary weapon in your loadout, you will not be able to do this.

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