It wouldn’t be Mario Strikers without the chaos of items, and Mario Strikers: Battle League brings a variety of items. These can be devastating and turn the game’s tide if used correctly. This may leave you wondering how to get and use Mario Strikers: Battle League items.

Once you have an item, you must press the X button to use them. Items that send out a projectile will do so in the direction you are facing or holding your left stick. Other items, like the Mushroom and Star, will activate on the character you are controlling.

How to get powerups in Mario Strikers: Battle League

To get items in Mario Strikers: Battle League, you must move your character over to the question mark blocks that the crowd throws out. Where they are thrown tends to be random, except for kickoffs. Occasionally, these blocks will be different colors—you can only pick up the rainbow-colored blocks and the ones that match your team’s color.

You can only carry two items at a time and use them in the order they were collected. There is no cooldown, so you can use multiple items back to back if you so choose. Sometimes the AI will pick up the items for you, so be sure to note when they do to ensure you are using the correct item.

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