Intercept is a special move that players are able to perform right after doing a perfect dodge, where they will throw an object back at an enemy. But in order to use intercept, you must hit either RT or R2 right after doing a perfect dodge. 

You can perform a perfect doge by hitting the dodge button right as an enemy is about to hit you. If you do it correctly, you will know as time will slow down into a slow-motion animation. When this happens, you will be able to deal damage for a short period of time without fear of losing health.

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That said, if your timing is right, you can use intercept to score a quick attack on an enemy. But remember, you can only perform an intercept move if you manage to doge right as the object is about to hit you. Doing so will then allow you to hit either RT or R2 to send it back. 

In any other case, you will simply dodge out of the way, so it all comes down to the right timing. We recommend practicing intercepting with low level enemies that throw objects to get the hang of intercepting along with perfect dodges. 

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