Gasoline Cans are the newest equipment addition to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. These are lethal equipment that can be found all across Caldera. You can carry one of these with you, but it will impair your movement and your ability to use other weapons.

Using a Gasoline Can is pretty straightforward, simply light up the fuse and throw it at the target. Otherwise, you can shoot at the can to make it explode. It packs a lot of damage and can easily down a player well within the blast radius. Once it’s lit, make sure to throw it away before it explodes in your hands.

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What makes the Gas Cans even more interesting is that you can send them via ziplines. After lighting a Can, press the Ascend/Descend key to attach it to the zipline. This trick can be used to take care of players camping on top of towers or any other place with a rappel going there.

The default inputs to use a Gas Can in Warzone Pacific are shown in the following table.

ControlMouse & KeyboardXbox ControllerPlayStation Controller
Start a FuseRight-clickLTL2
DropScroll wheel upYTriangle

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