Frederica Aesfrost, a Pyromancer recruit, is the first opportunity Triangle Strategy will give you to attack using fire magic. Her ability to attack multiple foes at once is vital early in the game, but her stats—including attack, defense, and speed—are relatively low. She will be a useful asset to your team attacking from a distance.

Strategies for Frederica Aesfrost

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Frederica’s default ability, Blessing of Fire, grants her a natural resistance to fire magic but a weakness to ice—so take care with her in Chapter Three, when the mages of Hyzante will use ice magic to take you down. Frederica’s other default ability, Scorch, will be most useful in targeting spots between enemy units to damage multiple foes within a limited range.

The downside of Scorch is the two TP (turn points) its costs. If you’re down on TP you can add her physical attack, Tome of Fire, to the melee effort. When Frederica reaches level seven and learns Blazing Chains, she gains significant power. This ability also costs two TP but deals about triple the damage of Scorch while setting the ground afire and shortening afflicted enemies’ movement by one square for three turns.

At level 15, Frederica learns Pillars of Fire. This powerful ability inflicts damage to foes across five squares while setting the ground ablaze. Take advantage of the many instances in which characters line up or group together to perform Follow-Up attacks. Frederica’s speed stat is low, however, and enemy units may move, so give her an accessory to improve her speed. Also, be sure not to miss opportunities to exploit enemies’ weakness to fire, and note the ones who have a resistance to it.

Class Promotions and Upgrades

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Frederica Aesfrost’s class default is Pyromancer, but she can be promoted to Firecaster with one Medal of Bravery at level ten. At level 20, she may be promoted to Fire Master with a Medal of Valor. And with enough Fiber and Coin for the encampment Smithy, you’ll be able to raise Frederica’s Weapon Rank along with any of your chosen stats.

You could find that promotion for Frederica isn’t as vital as that for other units, depending on your style of play, but this unit can hold her own in the fiercest melee battle while still retrieving spoils. Even if you use her to farm items or money, keep Frederica Aesfrost around if you want the awesome power of a Fire Master on your team.

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