The Field Guides feature in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin stores all of the monster and Monstie-related data players will need to create the strongest teams possible. Read on to find out how to access Field Guides and learn more about its functions.

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From your Camp Menu (press X on Nintendo Switch), scroll over to the second page and select Field Guides.

Field Guides contains three useful directories:

  • Monsterpedia
  • Monstipedia
  • Book of Genes


The Monsterpedia contains information on all the monsters you’ve encountered so far in your journey. You can view details on each monster’s stats, weaknesses, rarity, potential loot, and how many you’ve slain. You can use the Catavan to travel to the habitats of the monsters you’ve defeated.


The Monstipedia logs information on all the Monsties you’ve formed bonds with. You can use this menu to get an overview of your Monsties and their stats, as well as checking what their eggs look like. Similar to the Monsterpedia, you can travel to each Monstie’s habitat via the Catavan.

Book of Genes

The Book of Genes records any genes you and your Monsties have gained access to. This information includes the effect each gene has and which Monsties are compatible with the gene and thus able to use it. The Book also showcases each gene’s attack type, elemental power, and required level.

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