Trust Erador Ballentine to be as reliable on the battlefields of Triangle Strategy as he is to House Wolffort. Early in the game, he has unparalleled health and defense stats, and his strength is high enough to make massive blows to the enemy.

Strategies for Erador Ballentine

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Erador’s first two default abilities are Provoke and Sprint. Use Sprint on his first turn to gain one square of movement for the next three—a tremendous help to get this heavy-hitter where he needs to be. You can then throw him into the thick of battle, surrounded by foe and friend alike, and use Provoke to infuriate surrounding enemy units. They will focus their efforts on Erador, but he can withstand them while dealing heavy damage and protecting your allies.

He will gain a powerful move in Ram Foe, learned last as a Recruit, able to seriously damage a single enemy as well as knock them back five squares while Erador moves forward one. This ability is integral to any unit positioning strategy that involves quickly removing a problem foe if you can’t defeat them and threaten one of yours.

Erador’s further abilities will include Desperate Defense, which will fortify his defense in battle if his HP is below half. Physical Counter is a formidable counterstrike to save you a turn while inflicting massive damage. As with any good offense in this game, take your time to figure out exactly what dents this tank should make.

Erador’s primary use in Triangle Strategy will be to head your defense efforts and, with brute force, bolster the protection of your team. One of his most useful actions is his basic Kite Shield attack, which always cripples the enemy when you need it.

Class Promotions and Upgrades

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Erador Ballentine’s class default is Shieldbearer, but he can be promoted to Guardian with one Medal of Bravery at level ten. At level 20, he may be promoted to Master Guardian with a Medal of Valor. And with enough Iron and Coin for the encampment Smithy, you’ll be able to raise Erador’s Weapon Rank along with any of your chosen stats.

You may find promotion for Erador won’t be as vital as that for others, depending on your preferred playstyle—but if you like a challenge, then you may choose to keep his protection and strength at bay. Whatever the case, use Erador’s strengths strategically to win.

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