Unlike Mondstadt and Liyue, Inazuma is filled with perilous traps and dangerous weather. To fully explore this mysterious (and often hostile) region, Travelers will need to use a friendly spirit called an Electrogranum. Electrograna can be summoned by using Thunder Sakura Boughs, which are found all over the various islands of Inazuma.

Electrograna will only follow you for a short duration, so you’ll need to pay attention to this time limit.

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What do Electrograna do?

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Electrograna are extremely beneficial for your adventure, granting benefits such as:

  • Protection against Balethunder (areas with high Electro concentration that would otherwise sap your HP)
  • Entry through Thunder Barriers
  • Thunder Sphere usage (when in range of airborne Thunder Spheres, you can use your Electrogranum to move lightning-fast towards that Sphere)

Level up the Electrograna

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During your travels, make sure to visit the Sacred Sakura tree at the top of the Grand Narukami Shrine. You can level up the Sacred Sakura by offering it the Electro Sigils you’ve collected during your Inazuma journey, and in return, you’ll receive various rewards along with more powerful Electrograna.

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