After completing East Luterra in Lost Ark, you gain access to sailing and to your stronghold. These two features are extremely important, particularly the stronghold. Here, you can do many tasks and get valuable resources, including design mode. This may leave you wondering what design mode is and how to use it in Lost Ark.

You need to be at your stronghold to use design mode in Lost Ark. Once there, press the Ctrl and 2 key at the same time. This will open up the design mode and allow you to customize your stronghold. Here, you can move around your island and place various items in your stronghold area.

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What is design mode in Lost Ark?

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Design mode in Lost Ark lets you place structures, furniture, NPCs, and more around your stronghold island. These can grant buffs to your stronghold and your characters. It also allows you to customize the appearance of your stronghold.

To place structures, you must first acquire them, typically through crafting. NPCs can be placed once you have obtained a high enough rapport with them. You can even place a version of yourself on your stronghold.

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