The Disney characters around Dreamlight Valley can give you quests, help you unlock items, and even join you in activities and exploring the map. As you build friendships with each character, you will unlock rewards and abilities for them including assigning Roles.

To increase your friendship with companions, talk to them and select the gift option. You can give them items you find around Dreamlight Valley to increase your friendship. Once you reach level two friendship, you unlock the ability to assign your companion one role. Here are all the roles and what they do.

All Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Gardening: Companion finds more crops when harvesting
  • Fishing: Companion finds more fish when fishing
  • Mining: Companion finds more minerals when mining
  • Foraging: Companion finds more items when harvesting wild crops and fruit
  • Digging: Companion finds more items when digging

How to recruit a Companion

Once you have assigned your companion a role, to can activate the role effects by talking to them and selecting the “Let’s hang out!” option. Your companion will then follow you around and gather more resources depending on their role. You can only have one companion at a time, so if you ask another character to hang out, your first companion will return to their area.

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Since each character can only be assigned one role, it is a good idea to spread out different roles between characters to get the most resources.

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