Chrome Splash is one of the latest gameplay utility items to be added to the base game in the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 patch update. It is a unique gameplay item that allows players to disengage from battle scenarios by turning themselves into a semi-solid blob form and moving underneath the ground surface. Apart from that, you can also use a Chrome Splash to phase through solid structures like buildings without even breaking or accessing a door. To use Chrome Splash in Fortnite, you will need to find one from any chest and throw it towards the surface, similar to a Chug Splash.

How to find a Chrome Splash in Fortnite

There are no specific places to find/locate a Chrome Splash inside the game as it is a common loot item. The best way to get one is by opening many chest boxes, cooler boxes, or new chrome boxes.

How to use and phase using a Chrome Splash in Fortnite

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Once you have acquired a Chrome Splash, you can use it any time by pressing the allotted slot button on your mode of input device. Use the Splash similar to a Chug Splash by throwing it towards the ground surface. After hitting the ground, your character avatar will immediately turn into a slime-like state and can travel underneath the surface.

How to travel between walls using a Chrome Splash in Fortnite

You can also use the Chrome Splash to travel through any rigid surfaces like walls. Throw the Chrome Splash towards a wall instead of the ground to use it as a portal. Make sure you are in the vicinity of the Splash to enable the effect on your body as well.

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