Tower of Fantasy features a fairly robust character creator, letting you create the character of your dreams. You are free to edit a variety of features, or if you prefer a created character from another franchise, you can use character preset codes. This may leave you wondering how character preset codes work in Tower of Fantasy.

How to import Character Presets in Tower of Fantasy

Importing and using character presets in Tower of Fantasy is incredibly easy. From the main screen, select the Presets icon on the right side of the screen. Then, select the Import option at the bottom of the screen. You can enter the code for the character preset you want to use here. This is a great way to style your character after some of the best character creations or themed ones like Naruto.

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If you are having trouble finding a character preset you like, you can browse the in-game list of character presets. Other players have created fantastic-looking characters as well as ones modeled after characters from other games and media. Check them out for yourself to find one or get inspiration.

How to share Character Preset Codes in Tower of Fantasy

To share your own created character presets, select the Share button in the character creation menu. This lets you either copy the character preset code or download an image of your character preset. Once you have this, all you have to do is give the code to any friends or players that like your created preset.

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