Cards are special items in Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator that provide your main character with perks like extra attack and health numbers. You can get cards by either clearing Dimensions or buying them from a store. After acquiring a Card, you can use them by equipping them to your primary character through the Bag option. Any player can attach a total of three cards to their character.

How to upgrade Cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

You can upgrade your cards using the Gold through your inventory bag. Upgrading Cards allow you to increase your primary stat and unlock sub-stats. The number of sub-stats depends upon the type of cards.

Different Types of Cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

There are four types of Cards in the Anime Dimensions Simulator.

Card TypeNumber of Unlockable Sub-Stats
Rare2 or 1
Uncommon2 or 1

Valuable/Good Cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

A card can be considered valuable in Anime Dimensions Simulator if it has a high level and multiple sub-stats. 

How to get good Cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

To get good Cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator, you must play and finish higher Dimensions. For example, any hard mode will provide you with 36-level cards, whereas any lower difficulty mode will drop a 16-level card. 

Apart from clearing Dimensions, you can also play Boss Rushes to get good Cards. You can easily get the Mythic Tobushiko card from the Boss Rush shop. 

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