Fighter Planes can be really annoying in Vanguard Royale mode of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. Accordingly, the game allows players on the ground to take out Planes using Anti-Aircraft (AA) Guns.

Anti-Air Turrets are present all across the map and can be used to shoot down enemy Fighter Planes out of the sky. They are available in two different variants, Anti-Air Turrets and Anti-Air Vehicles. Although the Turrets are immobile, you can move the AA Trucks to different locations.

To operate an AA Turret, get seated in the cannon and start firing at the Planes. Turrets get heated quickly if you fire continuously and need to cool down before you can shoot again. You can move your camera angle and zoom in/out to improve your vision and line of sight on the target.

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Where to find Anti-Aircraft Turrets in Warzone Pacific

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As mentioned earlier, they are present in abundance and are really easy to locate. Both AA Turrets and AA Vehicles are marked with different icons as highlighted in the above image. Simply open your tactical map and look for the nearest AA Gun. Keep in mind that these cannons have limited health and can be destroyed easily.

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