Each unit in Triangle Strategy is built differently. They have unique skills, terrain advantages, and a variety of uses depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are great for farming coin or items but shouldn’t be taken to main stage battles.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use Anna Pascal, one of House Wolffort’s spies.


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There are two notable things about Anna: she can attack (or use an item) twice per turn and turn herself invisible. She’s also fast, allowing her to get a lot of turns.

Her main way of attacking involves positioning her on the opposite side of an enemy unit that’s adjacent to one of yours. Since she can attack twice, she can do two follow-up attacks.

Anna can also deal poison. A personal favorite strategy of ours is to position her two tiles away from an enemy unit, throw a poisoned dagger, then turn invisible. This works only if she has three turn points (TPs), however.

Early into the game, Anna can double as your healer using items as well. Turn her invisible and move her to an adjacent friendly unit square.

Promotions and upgrades

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Anna’s evasion stat is the highest in the army. However, since you’re going to be putting her in dangerous places, make sure her HP is high enough to take the occasional hit. You can use accessories or upgrade her weapons in the Smithy.

Anna doesn’t need to be promoted immediately. The skills she has as a recruit are more than enough to support your team.

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