The dyeing mechanic within Horizon Forbidden West can be confusing as players are never directly told how the dyeing system works. Essentially, players collect dye flowers and certain dye combinations to dye their different armor sets. The thing is, the process is a bit more complicated than that.

Dye Flowers and where they are found

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Dye flowers are called blooms, and they grow on cliff faces. Depending on the specific color of the flower, it will have a different name in front of the bloom. Players can find which ones they have on them in the Dye section of their inventory. Although a player may have all the dyeing flowers they want, they may still have to collect a dye pattern.

All Bloom Types

  • Azure Blooms
  • Crimson Blooms
  • Golden Blooms
  • Midnight Blooms
  • Pale Blooms
  • Verdant Blooms

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Dye Types and how to use them

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Dyes, once attained, can be used at a Dyer. Dyers can be found across the Forbidden West within most larger settlements. You can find the first one in Plainsong. However, players must first gain the dye recipes or patterns. These can be earned or bought. Certain dyes are exclusive to certain cultures and their correspondent armor.

For the most part, the dyes are attained through certain collectible activities, such as collecting all of the Lenses or completing the Hunting Ground Challenges for Full Stripes. With different cultural dyes being awarded within those specific areas. As players explore the bounds of the Forbidden West, they are sure to come across many types of dyes and armors to suit their specific style.

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