To use Refined Crystals depends on the type of crystal you have. Yellow crystals push water out of locations, while Blue Crystals place water in areas. So if you want to use Refined Crystals, you will need to use the correct crystal in the right location. For example, you can use Yellow Crystals to clear the water out of sites such as ruins or shipwrecks.

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But if you want to place water to solve puzzles or kill Slime enemies, you will need to use a Blue crystal to place and summon water. 

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How to craft Refined Crystals in Breakwaters?

To craft Refined Crystals, you will need to gather both a certain amount of Crystal Shards and a glass bottle. Starting with Yellow Crystals, players can make them with one Glass Bottle and eight Yellow Crystal Shards. 

But if you want to make Blue Crystal Bottles, you will need eight Blue Crystal shards and one Glass Bottle. To get Glass Bottles, you will need to make a shovel and dig for them or buy them from merchants in the game. To get Blue Crystal Shards, you will need to chop down trees with Blue Crystals on them. 

But to get Yellow Crystal Shards, you will need to mine Yellow Crystal nodes. Another way to make both Yellow and Blue Crystal shards is to make them from larger crystals via a Refinery. 

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