Chapter 2 Season 7 has made Rail Guns available for the first time in Fortnite. Like rail guns in other games, these are extremely powerful, long-range weapons that can eliminate opponents with a single, well-time shot. However, Fortnite‘s Rail Gun functions a little differently than others. In the guide below, we explain how to best use this exciting new weapon.

When you first try to fire with the Rail Gun, you might notice that it doesn’t immediately fire like most of the other weapons in the game. Instead, it charges for a minimum amount of time, then for as long as you hold down the fire button. It fires once it reaches maximum charge, or when you release the trigger. This is like the Charge Shotgun, with the primary difference being that this is long-range weapon.

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The best way to use the Rail Gun is to get used to the charge time and master your shots to strike right when you’ve zeroed in on an opponent. When fired at full charge, the shot’s spread and power increases, making it more likely to hit your opponent and for more damage. A shot fired with this amount of charge will blast through walls, which makes it possible to kill fleeing opponents even when they duck out of sight. You’ll know your Rail Gun is at full charge when the charge bar to the left of the reticle approaches the top. The charge bar to the right of the reticle represents the minimum charge time, and gun will not fire at least until this bar is filled.

The easiest way to get an elimination with a Rail Gun is to join a Team Rumble match, and wait for Storm Circle to close in so there are a lot of opponents in confined space. Since the Rail Gun fires through walls and opponents, you have a high chance of hitting something. With a full charge, most opponents will not survive a single shot, regardless of where you hit them.

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