Microsoft’s newest console, Xbox Series X|S, expands the capabilities of console players when consuming their games. Users can even connect a mouse and keyboard and use these peripherals to navigate their system or play certain games. But how do users connect these devices? Follow the steps below to add these items to your console’s repertoire.

Step One: Setting up a keyboard for the Xbox is a quick process. Use one of the console’s USB ports to plug the accessory in, and it should start responding immediately.

Step Two: Making sure the mouse functions properly requires a few more steps. Head to the Settings in your Xbox Series X|S. Players can access this by heading to their Games & Apps. Browse the apps section, and settings will be labeled with a gear.

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Step Three: Once in Settings, scroll down to the Devices and Connections tab. Select Accessories from the menu. It has an Xbox controller graphic next to it.

Step Four: Adjust the USB mouse settings from the Devices and Connections Menu. If the accessory isn’t responding or showing up on this menu, users may need to check and see if their devices are supported by the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft.

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