Home consoles like the PlayStation 5 help bring an added convenience to gaming. Players can turn on a console and enjoy games from the comfort of their couch. The PS5 even gives players the option to plug in their PC accessories, but how do you pair these devices with your next-generation system?

The short answer is simpler than users might think. You have to connect each device directly to the PS5 via the console’s USB ports. The PS5 automatically recognizes a keyboard and mouse when they are plugged in.

For those interested in tweaking the performance of their accessories, head to the Settings tab by selecting the cog on the top of the PS5 Dashboard, as shown in the image below.

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In the Settings menu, select Accessories. Here, users can choose what type of accessories they’d like to augment. Select your device to adjust how the Keyboard and Mouse perform.

Options for Keyboard include:

  • Key Input Language
  • Key Repeat Delay
  • Key Repeat Rate

When tweaking how the Mouse Performs the following options are available:

  • Mouse Type (right or left-handed)
  • Pointer Speed

These options can be adjusted at any time in the settings as well.

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