Hidden Deep is a horror-themed action platformer game where you get to play as an investigative team looking for lost companions and employees inside deep and dark caves. To aid in the process of cave exploration, the game provides you with a wide variety of essential utilities. One such vital item is the drone or the so-called scanball. As the name suggests, the scanball is a deployable item used to explore dark caves and dungeons before entering them. To equip and use a scanball in Hidden Deep, you must press “B” on a keyboard or D-Pad Up button on a gamepad/controller and fly the drone using the “W-A-S-D” bindings or the left Analog movement stick.

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Uses of a scanball in Hidden Deep

As mentioned earlier, the primary use of a scanball is to explore and check any caves or dark areas before entering them. It allows you to pre-plan your expedition to that particular area. 

Apart from helping you to guide in dark areas, you can also use a scanball for the following things.

  • Electrocute any enemies – LMB or RT, while flying the scanball
  • Press any switch or button – E or B(Gamepad/Controller), while flying the scanball
  • Turn on Magnet – RMB or LT, while flying the scanball

Remember, there is no restriction to the number of scanball you can have in your inventory. So, feel to use one whenever you require.

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