As you gain higher bond levels with your teammates, you will eventually be able to use a special attack move called combo visions. A combo vision is a powerful attack move that uses the abilities of all of your selected party members in one giant attack. To make this combo attack, you will need to press either LT and square, triangle, circle, x or L2, X, Y, B, and A.

But if you want to use a combo vision, you will need to raise your party member’s bond to level three. This requirement also applies to the rest of your party members, so if you want to use combo visions with all of them, you will need to raise all to bond level three. 

That said, you can raise bond levels with any of your party members, by either keeping them in the party or by giving them gifts.

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You can get gifts by either crafting them or buying them from the store, this can also be really good if you manage to find one they really like. If you don’t know what gifts someone likes and doesn’t, simply check the right of your screen while in your inventory. On the right, you should see the icons of your party member, and a symbol will appear indicating if they like said item as displayed below.

  • Highlighted = Like
  • Pink Small Heart = Love
  • Big Red Heart = Adore

However, if the item is grayed out or their icon is, it means they will not accept that item as a gift. The last method to raise bond levels is by completing bond episodes at the hideout that becomes unlocked after standby phase one. 

These episodes are by far the best way to raise bond levels, but you will need to check back the hideout every so often to see who has a bond level as you progress in the game. 

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