If you have made or gotten a custom avatar made for your VR Chat profile, then your going to want to show it off. Before you can do this though, you need to actually get your new avatar into the game. While this process may seem a bit daunting, with a bit of help, uploading your first avatar can be a piece of cake.

Once you have the files for your avatar ready to go, it’s time to begin the upload process. Like most additions players want to add to a game, you’re going to need to download some extra software to get your content into the game. Luckily VR Chat is actually user-friendly and wants their players to upload creative new avatars.

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Here’s how to get your avatar into the game:

  • Click here and download SDK3-Avatars.
  • Click here to download the current version of Unity.
  • Launch Unity, and create a new project.
  • Drag and drop the SDK3-Avatars file into the assets box.
  • Drag and drop the avatar file, as well as any needed assets files, such as shaders, into the box .
  • Go to the builder tab and click “build and publish.”
  • Enter the new Avatar’s name, desciption, and check any boxes that may apply.
  • Hit upload, it may take a few minutes, but your avatar will soon be ready for use.

While this does seem like a lot of steps at first, it’s a pretty streamlined process. The biggest hurdle is the time it takes to download the needed programs and your avatars file.

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