Getting upgrades and new abilities are part of a charm of a Metroidvania, and Axiom Verge 2 is no different. You can learn abilities from freeing the Arms out of their colored pots as you explore the world, and there are skills learned from the upgrade skill tree system in the main menu.

To upgrade one of your skill trees, you must first find an Apocalypse Flask. These come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large—small gives one skill point, medium two, and large three. These flasks are basically one-use skill points that you can find roaming around the levels. You must break it open to acquire it. You can then use it and upgrade Physiology of Combat, one of the two skill trees available. Or you can hold onto it and wait for one of the other skill trees to open up.

To use the flask, all you need is to select the tree you want and then select the one or the many paths to choose from. Physiology only has one path to choose from, which is Heath—adds additional health points. But combat has got four paths—Melee Damage, Melee Speed, Ranged Damage, and Projectile Speed.

Highlight the one you want and hit A if playing on Nintendo Switch and Xbox or Enter on PC. Another menu will appear to make sure if this is the skill you want, then select yes. Upon doing, so the flask will be used up. If you want to know how many Apocalypse Flasks you have, the bottom left of the Skills screen has a flask symbol with a number next to it. The number is how many you have.

After the first skill is learned, the next consecutive skills will cost more Apocalypse Flask to unlock. Meaning, you’ll have to find and not use many flasks to unlock more skills.

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