Season 7 brought a host of updates, upgrades, and much-requested features to Sea of Thieves. Most content revolves around becoming a ship Captain, new Milestones, Alignments, and players taking real ownership of their vessels. One of the most exciting new features is the ability to acquire a Legendary Ship Title, which you can find out more about below.

How to unlock Legendary Ship Titles in Sea of Thieves

To receive a Legendary Ship Title, players need to reach Class 50 with any Milestone Alignment for their Captained Ship. This is done after purchasing a ship, retrieving the Captain’s Logbook, and pursuing several Captain’s Voyages.

Milestones are like mini-achievements that are tracked entirely within Sea of Thieves. These will track in the Captain’s Logbook each time you play and will accrue naturally. However, if you’re after a specific Legendary Title, it is best to focus like a laser on knocking out the objectives required for it. Again, these can be tracked. You can check your progress within the Captain’s Logbook.

Sea of Thieves Legendary Ship Titles

  • The Legendary Gold Seeker
  • The Legendary Voyager
  • The Legendary Emissary
  • The Legendary Hunter
  • The Legendary Feared
  • The Legendary Rogue
  • The Legendary Ill-Fated

How to equip a Legendary Ship Title in Sea of Thieves

Once unlocked, Legendary Ship Titles can be equipped from the Ship’s Title section within Ship Decorations at the Shipwright Shop.

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