When you first unlock the Dazzle Beach Biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be surprised to find blue storm debris blocking the bridge between both ends of the beach. While you’re able to access both sides, having those obstacles out of the way would be convenient, right? If you want to break up that debris, you’ll need some help upgrading your pickaxe first.

How to get a pickaxe upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To upgrade your pickaxe, you’ll first need to invite Maui back to the Village from the Moana Realm. To do so, complete A Feast Worthy of a Demigod by giving Maui 3 meals that are at least 3 star quality or higher. We recommend Hearty Salad, made with one lettuce and two additional vegetables. Once he’s nice and cozy in your Village, you can use the usual methods of raising his friendship level. This will allow you to unlock the following quest line and upgrade your pickaxe:

  • Burying the Eel
    • Maui needs you to catch an eel to make coconuts? We don’t quite get it either, but go talk to Goofy, who tells you you’ll need three worms and eight softwood. Softwood can be found on the ground around trees in the Peaceful Meadow.
    • Take your worms and softwood back to a Crafting Table to make the fishing trap, then place it in the water near the dock on Dazzle Beach. The dock is right next to Goofy’s stall.
    • Let Maui know that the fishing trap is ready. Go fishing in the bubbling spots by the dock until you hook an eel.
    • Bring the eel back to Maui. He’ll tell you to pick a spot on the beach to plant it, just like it’s a seed. Demigod magic can do incredible things, we guess. Water the plant that grows until it becomes a coconut tree.
    • Harvest a coconut from the tree once it’s fully grown and give it to Maui, then you’re done. As an added bonus, coconut trees will naturally grow on Dazzle Beach without any more eel farming from now on.
  • A Tale of Stone and Fire
    • To unlock this quest, raise Maui’s friendship level to at least four.
    • Talk to Maui and he’ll show you the storm debris on the beach. He can help you make your pickaxe stronger to break the pieces up, but he’ll need some tools from Moana’s realm, first.
    • Go back to the Moana Realm and search in the basket on the other side of the boat. Take all of the items inside.
    • Give the tools back to Maui, he’ll then ask for a five star dish to give him the energy needed to power up you’re pickaxe. We recommend Bouillabaisse, made with ingredients you can find in the Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach: one shrimp, two other pieces of seafood (which you should have found with the tools), a tomato, and another vegetable.
    • Give Maui the five star dish, and voila. Your pickaxe will be upgraded.
    • You can use your new pickaxe to finish this questline. Break apart the storm debris that Maui asks you to. Take the piece of sandstone that it drops and bring it back to Maui. He’ll then ask you to make a Granite Fire Bowl from the following materials
      • 20 sand (easily found by breaking more storm debris)
      • 25 stone
      • 10 coal ore
      • 3 Red Falling Penstemon (found around the Plaza)
    • Create the Granite Fire Bowl at any crafting station. Maui will tell you to place it around his house, but you can place it anywhere in the Village to complete the quest.

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