Darkest Dungeon 2 is a challenging turn-based RPG that expands on its prequel and adds in new features. One major change is the roguelike system. Instead of launching expeditions from the town’s safety, players must form a party of four and load up into a wagon. They will ride this cart to a distant mountain—the source of evil that plagues the land.

This cart is a crucial component for your heroes’ survival, so taking care of it is crucial. The way you can improve your coach is to upgrade it. These special items found throughout your journey can be added to the cart from the Wainwright in the inn.

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These upgrades come in a variety of ways. Some allow you to increase your storage, while others will aid you at certain encounters. Even an upgrade automatically creates pancakes to make your characters happy because who doesn’t love pancakes.

The player can add a single trophy, a pet, and four regular upgrades. There is plenty to experiment with, so players should find the right combination to help them survive the dark and desolate world of Darkest Dungeon 2.

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