Like many other RPGs, Yakuza Like A Dragon has a weapon upgrade system, but it is not exactly clear where or how you can use it. This is because you need to progress to chapter 5, where the feature unlocks when you get access to the Romance workshop. That said, In this guide, I’ll explain how to upgrade weapons in Yakuza Like A Dragon.

How to upgrade weapons in the Romance workshop

In order to upgrade weapons, you need to progress to chapter five and complete the substory called “Nowhere to go but up.” This quest will unlock the Romance workshop, which is where you can upgrade weapons in the game. Once “Nowhere to go but up” is completed, the player can then upgrade weapons via an NPC called Sumire using various materials gained by defeating enemies in combat encounters. 

You will also need unique bugs like scorpions, that you can find in specific locations in the game to upgrade some weapons. Upgrading weapons is also not the only thing that can be done at the Romance workshop; you can also make some of the best armor and weapons in the game there. Crafting both weapons and armor will also require various materials like bugs and materials that drop from enemies. 

Along with this, you will need a lot of yen to upgrade and craft weapons and armor at the Romance workshop, with a few costing around 10k to craft. You can also invest in the workshop to upgrade it to unlock even more weapons and armors to both craft and upgrade.

If you need any more help with Yakuza Like A Dragon, we have a ton of excellent guides at its game page

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