One of the biggest focuses in Rune Factory 4 Special is going through the game’s various dungeons and fighting monsters. To be able to do this successfully, though, you will need to acquire better weapons as you go. The guide below is here to walk you through upgrading weapons.

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How do I upgrade weapons in Rune Factory 4 Special?

You won’t be able to upgrade your weapons until you have access to the forge. Once the forge is added to your room, you can interact with it to upgrade your weapon.

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Here’s how upgrading works in Rune Factory 4:

  • You can only upgrade a single item to level ten.
  • Each time you use the forge, the item will level up.
  • You have a forging level that determines the difficulty of projects you can take on.
  • You can use upgrade items to make weapons more effective.
  • You will use RP when upgrading weapons.
  • You can look at the forging difficulty and effect the weapon will gain before going through with the upgrade.

The trick is to use your forge carefully to level up weapons while adding effects that will help you in battle. There are some types of gear that you will acquire with upgrade effects already attached. Typically, these are easiest to work with and are much more powerful thanks to the extra effect.

How do I upgrade armor in Rune Factory 4 Special?

Armor follows much of the same guidelines as weapons, but instead of a forge, you need a crafting table. You will need to focus on leveling up both to truly do well in battle.

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