Guerrilla Games have added a new mechanic in Horizon Forbidden West. All the weapons, outfits, traps etc. that you find or buy on Aloy’s journey can be upgraded at a workbench. Workbenches are scattered throughout the Forbidden West and should be used to improve your favorite weapon whenever possible.

Upgrading your weapons (and armor) is a must. Each tier upgrade will add different benefits to your weapon, this ranges from increasing the weapon’s raw stats, adding additional arrow types such as acid arrows, or adding weapon coil slots.

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These upgrades will have different costs, with the higher tiers often requiring rarer resources. Be mindful about spending your rarer resources on the weaker, early game resources as you will obtain weapons later in the game that will naturally be better than the basic starter gear. You can always farm more resources if needed, however. If your missing a required resource you can create a job by pressing triangle, which will track the resource for you.

Where do you find workbenches?

Workbenches can be found in most of the major settlements, as well as out in the wilds at locations called shelters. These locations will have a campfire to save the game, a stash box to refill your resources and a seat that you can use to pass time if needed.

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