Upgrading totems in Roblox Islands is a useful mechanic for yielding passive buffs while farming crops or mining minerals. The process is a simple tap of some menu buttons, but the player must have the necessary coins and resources to increase the totem’s levels.

To upgrade totems, approach a totem that has already been placed on the ground. Either directly tap on the totem or press F while near the totem to bring up the your storage menu. To the right of the your inventory is a smaller menu window with an Upgrade button below the menu window. Press Upgrade to open the totem menu.

Within the Totem Upgrade menu, this is where you will level up the tote. The very left box displays the totem’s current level and stats, aka the passive buffs the player receives while standing near the totem. The remaining three boxes—Utility, Efficiecy, Quality—are the three types of upgrades. Improving each stat yields greater buffs for the player.

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  • Utility:
    • Crop Totems: Improves the growth rate of all crops.
    • Mineral Totems: Improves the player’s damage against minerals.
  • Efficiency:
    • Improves the action speed of harvesting crops and mining minerals.
  • Quality:
    • Improves the yield, aka amount, of product harvested or mined.

There are individual costs for upgrading the Quality, Efficiency, and Utility stats. Each stat type requires a certain amount of coins and an additional amount of resources. The secondary resource could be wood, iron, stone, and/or additional items. As the stats increase, so too do the total amount of coins and resources per upgrade.

Both Crop and Mineral Totems can be upgraded around 53 levels per stat type. So Utility should be upgradeable 53 times, Efficiency should be upgradeable 53 times, and the same with the Quality stat.

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