In Kitaria Fables, players start off with basic copper tools for harvesting resources and crops. However, like many other games, you can upgrade your equipment in Kitaria to be faster or more productive. There is a simple process for doing this, but it’s barely mentioned during the tutorial. In this guide, we explain how to get better equipment.

There is one specific place to go to upgrade your tools at the beginning, and that’s Shamrock in Paw Village. He is the black bear that works as the town ironsmith, near the southern side of the village. In the image below, you can see what he looks like. When you approach him, the first thing you need to do is open his shop.

Upgrading tools in Kitaria FAbles

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When you have his shop open, you’ll notice that there are multiple tabs representing the different categories of his wares. Select the tab that looks like a hammer (the third tab in the image above on the right). Here is where you will upgrade weapons. However, you will also see that you need specific resources to upgrade them.

Unfortunately, upgrading tools can be a bit of a grind in Kitaria Fables. For example, to upgrade from a Copper Hoe to a Silver Hoe, you need the following ingredients: a Copper Hoe, three Silver Ingots, and 2000 Paw Coins. At the start of the game, Silver Ingots are rare. To get them, you will need to harvest them from ore that you find around the world.

That summarizes how to upgrade your tools!

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