To unlock more recipes to cook inside the cauldron and to cook specific recipes, you will need to upgrade the cauldron in Valheim. 

You can upgrade the cauldron by building various upgrade crafting structures via a hammer in the game. That said, you will need to make the following crafting buildings in Valheim to upgrade the cauldron fully. 

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  • Spice Rack
  • Butcher’s Table
  • Pots and Pans

Along with these structures, you will also need a campfire underneath the cauldron for it to work, and if you don’t have a cauldron already, you can make one with ten tin bars. But to make the upgrade parts for the cauldron, check the table below for everything you need. 

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How to upgrade the Cauldron in Valheim with Cauldron ImprovementsHow to get them
Spice RackTo make a spice rack in Valheim, you will need three dandelions, two carrots, five mushrooms, three thistles, and three turnips.
Butcher’s TableTo make a Butcher’s Table in Valheim, you will need two ancient bark, four corewood, four finewood, and two silver.
Pots and PansTo make pots and pans in Valheim, you will need five copper bars, five iron bars, five black metal, and ten finewood.

Get the materials above, and you will be able to place all three cauldron improvements next to the Cauldron in Valheim to upgrade it. After the cauldron is fully upgraded, more recipes can be made and more will unlock for you.

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